The Pareto-Rayleigh Distribution: Theory with Some Real-life Applications


  •   Md. Shohel Rana

  •   Md. Matiur Rahman Molla

  •   Md. Mahabubur Rahman


Pareto-Rayleigh (PR) distribution (a member of Pareto-X family proposed in [1]) is considered here to study. The estimated values of the model parameters are derived by the maximum likelihood estimation process. Different important properties of the introduced distribution are obtained. Four real-life applications are studied from various fields to evaluate the applicability of proposed PR model. An exclusive simulation has been conducted to observe the performance of the estimation technique. Finally, it is shown that the better fitness of newly developed model than others chosen models selected in this study.

Keywords: Transformed-Transformer (T-X) family, Pareto-X family, Pareto-Rayleigh distribution, Reliability anal- ysis, Distribution of Order statistics, MLE (Maximum Likelihood Estimation)


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